Very Important: 215% Vat For Saudi Arabia Shipments

The odds are 50/50 That your Shipment will go through without paying 215% VAT; And we will do the needful to adjust your bill total. With 100% correct description and official details as per the law, And it will be up to your luck to pay VAT or not.

The delivery will be made by activating a new service to avoid the fees for changing the address that we have struggled with some customers so that an email will be sent to you by the shipping company to confirm your address and specify the place and date of the delivery. 

Complete and accurate address details are a must like a district name, street name, the house number, or name if it is a building with the apartment number if any, and ensure a valid working email address will be used in your order.

Shipping will not take more than 2 to 3 days maximum, and any delay in delivery will be due to your delay in responding to the email that will be sent to you, In short, keep an eye on your email starting the next day of your order date.

And remember if you refuse to pay customs duties to the shipping courier, you will not just lose your shipment because there is no return or refund by us. but you will be also legally chased by the shipping company as per law.