Why JUUL Pods Leak and How to Prevent It


There are many reasons why your JUUL pod could be leaking. It is a very frustrating experience
because your JUUL would not hit accurately. The e-juice can also leak into the battery and make
a bigger mess that will put you off smoking a JUUL completely. If you enjoy a SAUDI vape, a
JUUL is a great source to satisfy your nicotine cravings. They are also compact and portable,
which makes them very easy to carry so you can stealthily take a puff. If your JUUL is not hitting
as well as expected, it might not be just a battery problem because it could be leaking for other
JUUL pods are delicate and intricate contraptions. Manufacturing them is tricky, and many
faults can occur during the shipping process. If the temperature of your JUUL pod rises
unexpectedly, it could increase the pressure in the pods as well. This is one of the main reasons
for the leakage. If the pod was already defective due to a manufacturing problem, then
temperature shifts can exacerbate the leakage due to even minor temperature and pressure
changes. It quickly becomes sweltering hot in SAUDI, especially in a car. If you accidentally leave
a JUUL pod inside, it would leave a sticky mess. When you try to smoke the same pod, the juice
will taste much harsher, leaving you less satisfied with the vapour.
JUUL pods have fragile coils which protrude from the bottom and look like tiny metal plates.
This is what connects the battery to the device, and the plates are very flimsy and thin. Since
you can see the internal metal coil in each pod, there is an opening in the pod’s casing for the
metal to go through. This is what causes the leaking problem the most. If you experience a little
juice leaking, it is normal, but anything more than that, then your device could be rendered
You should avoid smoking pods that are leaking a lot of juice. This is because your airflow will
be clogged, and you will get inconsistent hits with each puff that ruins the taste, thus leaving
you unsatisfied. Depending on how bad the situation is, your device could also stop charging
properly because the excessive leak will weaken the battery connection.
The best way to prevent your JUUL from leaking is by taking care of it and being careful while
using the delicate device. Do not leave it in your car and clean the JUUL regularly. Always buy a
brand-new high-quality pod from licensed and reputable sellers. Never spend money on a
second-hand device and do not share it with friends all the time. If there is a little leak, wipe it
away instead of letting it seep into the battery. Despite how careful you are, there might still be
problems with your JUUL pods if it is leaking heavily or not charging enough. In that case, the
only choice you have is to throw it away and buy a new one. Do not continue smoking a
damaged device because it is not worth the horrible taste it will leave in your mouth.

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