What Is Competitive Vaping and Why Is It So Trendy

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If you enjoy vaping in Abu Dhabi, you might have heard of some quirky activities, namely
competitive vaping, or cloud chasing. These are competitions that are trending in the Abu Dhabi
vape community, as both old and new vape-enthusiasts push the limits of the type of cloud
they can produce to win. This has become competitive due to the mods, vape rigs, and
atomizers that keep advancing, which makes blowing vape clouds more intriguing. People enjoy
pushing themselves to understand the physics of their mouths to see how they can exhale at an
entirely new level and win both prizes and brownie points from all their vaping friends.
Spectators also find these contests fun because of how creatively vapers perform the most
impressive clouds and tricks. Some events that host these competitions even offer at least ten
thousand dollars as a cash prize. So, you can imagine why a lot of people want to perfect their
vape skills to compete. Here are some tips to help competitive vapers up their dazzling cloud
chasing displays for the next cloud chasing championship.

Choosing Juices
Most competitions provide their own juices to keep all the rules fair for competitors. If you are
given a chance to bring your own e-juices, choose those with a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
to PG (Propylene Glycol) ratio. The higher VG solution base will help you produce a much
thicker cloud to impress the judges.

High Wattage Mods
Building a powerful mod with high wattage is essential if you want a thicker cloud production.
Copper mods are the best option because of how conductive they are. However, this does
cause your battery to run out more quickly, so always carry a powerful one with a lot of charge.
Many competitive vapers share their tips and tricks online about the type of batteries and mods
they use. Some devices should never be pushed to the limit, so always follow the
manufacturer’s recommendations for safety.

Practice Breathing
Using your lungs effectively is the surefire way to win a professional cloud chasing
championship. The best method is to learn from watching others and practicing. Start with the
basics of breathing while vaping and then move onto more laborious techniques. Remove all
the air from your system before vaping, and then sit up straight while leaning forward and try
to blow your biggest cloud.

Get Creative
Exhaling a vape is not a talent because anybody can do it. When you are vaping in Abu Dhabi
with your friends, challenge each other to create smoke circles and unique patterns using
clouds. If you need some inspiration, check out videos of former competition winners to see the
tricks they performed and how they impressed enough to win the contest.

Practice Safety
Make sure that you know all the ins-and-outs of your chosen vape device and how it operates.
Study all the information provided by your supplier. If you do not understand anything, contact
them and ask them direct questions about the products. This will save you from any injuries
because you will be better equipped to take care of batteries and prevent them from exploding.
Learn the basics of vaping before trying any advanced tricks. Keep in mind that it takes time to
develop a skill, so do not rush into anything.

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